Ergonomic Training Through Movement Education

We help businesses reduce injuries and injury-related costs.

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Safety manager with tablet observing industrial athlete.

Educate and reinforce staff on proper lifting to reduce strain.

Track successful trending of worker performance during the work day.

Integrates easily into current safety program to foster a culture of worker safety.

An evidence-based approach towards preventing musculoskeletal injury.

Designed by biomechanics expert Dr. Chris Hughes, the patented Lift Like A Pro™ curriculum is embedded within a comprehensive learning and compliance platform that will educate your staff, allow them to collect and analyze key performance metrics, and incentivize them to embrace a culture of safety.

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Dr. Chris Hughes demonstrating safety protocols.
Expert consultant explaining data to a colleague

We bring human clarity to your data

While many safety-based organizations provide valuable data to your organization, Atlas provides critical context to that data. We believe that data is only effective when it is paired with understanding and execution. And that is the key advantage of Atlas Performance Tech. Not only do we provide the data, we help you understand the data and make intelligent decisions based on it.

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APT blends data and human-expertise to create clarity for businesses. (Desktop View) APT blends data and human-expertise to create clarity for businesses. (Mobile View)

About Our Software

  • Allows you to see progress at a birds-eye view, as well as at a highly granular level.
  • Allows you to spot weak area before they become problems
  • Built-in learning & training platform
  • Provides convenient reminders to supervisors for the proper monitoring of workers
Lift Like A Pro

For every client, we:

  • Provide a fully detailed training program to educate your workers on proper lifting procedures
  • Teach your supervisors how to train their workers on proper technique
  • Help you measure progress of each store, site and worker
  • Help you quickly identify and correct problem areas that are likely to lead to injury
  • Help you incentivize your workers to practice safe lifting procedures at all times
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Lift Like A Pro In Action

Dr. Hughes working with a student athlete to correct his form.

Our Experts

Dr. Chris Hughes

Dr. Hughes has created and perfected the implementation of a culture of safety in warehouse environments. With specific biomechanics training for each worker, Dr. Hughes has had measurable success reducing injury while enhancing production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions with answers.

  • What is Lift Like A Pro?

    Lift Like A Pro is a patented ergonomics program designed to help workers lift safely.

  • Is this only for warehouse environments?

    No. Our Lift Like A Pro program can be tailored to any type of environment.

  • When can we expect to see results?

    Once team members have been trained, results will be seen almost immediately.

Getting Started Is Easy.

Through our patented system, we have made it dead simple to implement our system, and start training your staff. Want to learn more? Contact us for a demonstration. Injuries are happening now!

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