Ergonomic Training
Through Movement Education

Expert training to keep your employees healthy, safe, and strong.


Our program director has been a professor of Biomechanics, Exercise & Physical Therapy for over 30 years.


Our program works within, not against, current work processes, ensuring that safety and production becomes symbiotic.


Atlas Performance Technologies integrate technology to measure worker effort and identify "hot spots" before they become a major source of injury to your workers.

Lift Like A Pro Logo

Our program is known as Lift Like A Pro®, and it includes everything warehouses need to educate, measure, and train their workers for increased safety and productivity.

Meet Dr. Hughes

Dr. Christopher Hughes, a founding member of Atlas Performance Technologies, has created and perfected over the past 30 years a proprietary program to address a common dilemma that warehouses experience: Implementing a culture of safety to be adopted by an entire workforce, with specific biomechanics training for each worker. We have had measurable success in large warehouse environments reducing injury while enhancing production.

Flow Chart
Chris Hughes Demonstrating